ICCC Sci-fi Fan and Collector Convention Lands in Franklin


On Friday, Sept. 13, 2019, the second annual Imperial Commissary Collectors Convention (ICCC) will commence at the Williamson County Agricultural Expo Center in Franklin, Tenn. The convention was founded by Michael Havens as a back-to-basics collectors convention. It launched in… Continue Reading

‘Investigation 13’ Combines Ghost Hunting with Folklore

Investigation 13

The glut of paranormal investigation shows on networks like The Travel Channel make ripe pickings for filmmakers who want to tell stories about ghost hunting gone wrong. Combine that with the rise in popularity of folklore-based tales of the paranormal… Continue Reading

‘Debunkers, Inc.’ Is Cute, Family Friendly Fare But Could Use a Scooby Doo

Debunkers, Inc.

If you’re a parent and a horror movie fan, how do you introduce your child to your love for horror movies? You might have seen questions like the following online: “What is an appropriate movie to introduce my xx-year-old child… Continue Reading


IT Chapter Two Poster

New Line Cinema and Director Andy Muschietti dropped the official trailer for the long-awaited sequel to IT Chapter One (2017) on July 18. It’s been 27 years. Pennywise, eater of worlds and of children, survived his first encounter with The… Continue Reading

Horror Represents at Fanboy Expo 2019

When it comes to meeting celebrities who have starred in your favorite genre films, bigger is not necessarily better. Knoxville, Tenn., fandom convention Fanboy Expo kicked off on Friday, Jul. 12, 2019, with celebrity guest headliners that included Paul Reubens,… Continue Reading