Mystery, Peril Drive ‘Halloween Girl’ Graphic Novel

Halloween Girl Cover

Halloween Girl Cover

What if your best friend has a past you don’t know about? And what if that past has a sinister side that suddenly develops an interest in you and your supernatural abilities? If you’re the ghost of Luke’s deceased mother, Charlotte, you might next find yourself in the fight of your life as you try to rescue your son from the clutches of an evil king who has lost his soul.

In a nutshell, that’s the story that powers the graphic novel Halloween Girl, on sale now from Mad Shelly Comics.

In 2021, filmmaker Richard Wilson of RTW Productions Inc. released the first volume of the graphic novel adaptation of his film The Halloween Girl. Based on characters that first appeared in the film and web series, the story follows a teen ghost, Charlotte Williams, as she conducts a battle with a secret society known as The Hollow. Vol. 2 was released earlier this year. Now, the entire graphic novel is available. It features a full seven-chapter, 170-page tale of suspense and intrigue surrounding Charlotte, her still-living son, her friend Poe and Poe’s relationship with The Hollow’s leader, and more.

If you’ve read only the first two volumes of the novel, you can be forgiven for thinking the entire story might be light on subplots, clues, and tie-backs. You’d be wrong. Although the story eventually unfolds into multiple viewpoints as its characters attempt to resolve their conflicts, the tale is tightly told. There are no extra details and no loose ends.

Furthermore, Wilson and company have created a world that feels real. The characters all have backgrounds that readers are not entirely privy to but are hinted at enough to develop each character’s personality and motives.

The art and lettering within the graphic novel can vary because not every volume was drawn and lettered by the same folks. Rather than distract from the tale, that variety adds charm and serves as a fun transition cue for the reader.

Overall, Halloween Girl is a fun, PG-rated ghostly tale of good versus evil that’s perfect for a Saturday afternoon read.

Halloween Girl and related merchandise and information are available at the RTW Films site.


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