‘Ice Blue’ Explores The Effects of Secrets on Family Relationships

'Ice Blue' Poster

Forever old is the tale of the dark family secret that eventually comes back to haunt the patriarch (or matriarch) when the offspring eventually uncover the details and find themselves incapable of forgiveness for the choices the parents made under… Continue Reading

‘Big Top Evil’ Killer Cannibal Clowns Around

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If mainstream pop culture magazines and news outlets are correct, we’re still in the middle of a thriving horror-is-mainstream renaissance. This renaissance has birthed everything from the long-running The Walking Dead TV series to the resurrection of old Stephen King… Continue Reading

THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL HORROR RELEASE OF 2019 – “American Hunt” / New Trailer + Date

NEW TRAILER/DATE : THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL HORROR RELEASE OF 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG_S2y8edV0&feature=youtu.be This December, play the most dangerous time imaginable in American Hunt. From the director of Clowntergeist, and from the studio that brought you The Jurassic Games and Cannibal Farm, comes the most controversial horror… Continue Reading