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JimJam’s Bio

As a kid I was always intrigued with ghost and the Paranormal and then I started watching Friday the 13th movies and became a huge fan of Jason Voorhees from then on out until I remember I was Jason for Halloween.
Halloween has always been my favorite time of year.
One Halloween my mom took me to a haunted house that the school was putting on I really liked it but that was the last time I went to a haunt till I was in my teens then I went to Devil’s Dungeon and fell in love with Haunts!  I started thinking one night at work about going to the 2013 Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival. That’s when I come up with Tennessee horror review so I got home then started a Facebook page. I started promoting for Slaughterhouse and Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival. I started work at another place that’s where I met Jonny Le’Roy .
I was telling him about it and he brought up you should do a podcast and the rest is history.

Jonny’s Bio

Jonny Le’Roy grew up in the mean streets of the trailer park. This is where he taught himself Park Fu in the basement of his Mom’s trailer. Which is his version of  trailer park martial arts. It’s where you use the trailer park surroundings to your advantage. Jonny was living large traveling all across the U.S. to other Parks teaching his techniques getting free accommodations and other perks. Up until the “2008 Pokipsy Pie Incident.”

See Jonny had went to teach at the “Pokipsy Peppermint Park Pie Festival.” Everything  was great until he met a girl named Patty from the park. So naturally everyone called her Peppermint Patty. Jonny was smitten from the beginning and all signs pointed that Patty was also. Well turns out Peppermint Patty had a boyfriend named Peter. Well Peter was from the panhandle so naturally every one called him Peter Pan. Well that was to adorable for Patty to give up seeing as Peppermint Patty and Peter Pan was the cutest f”ing nicknames ever. Well story short. Many pies were ruined and Park Fu reigned supreme all over Peter Pan’s peanut butter ass. So from then on Jonny has been forbidden to teach his Art of Park Fu. Those were the best 2 months of his life. He worked odd jobs until he met Jim Jam now he’s back in the basement of his Mom’s trailer.

That was way more entertaining than the real story. I grew up pretty much normal. I watched horror films especially the major ones like anyone else. I met Jim Jam at work and suggested he should do a podcast and I’d help if he wanted someone else. The horror community has been awesome and it’s been great