‘She’s Allergic to Cats’ Doesn’t Need You to Know Much About Art

Now and then, a movie comes along that prompts its audience to ask, “what the fuck?” Or probably more often, “WTF?” Generally, these flicks are independent ventures. They also use strange or creative techniques to tell their stories or uniquely… Continue Reading

The Horror Basement Podcast 195

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Horror Sex Comedy ‘Tennessee Gothic’ Explores Dangers of Seduction

'Tennessee Gothic' Poster

Sometimes the person you’re trying to protect turns out to be the one you should fear. That is especially the case if that person is too good to be true, so adept at fulfilling your fantasies that you start to… Continue Reading

New trailer released for 80’s inspired horror-comedy ‘I Scream on the Beach’

    Trailer: New trailer released for the 80’s inspired horror-comedy I Scream on the Beach!   I’ll Scream! You’ll Scream! We’ll all Scream! I Scream on the Beach! From Writer-directors Michael Holiday and Alexander Churchyard comes a new 80’s inspired horror I Scream on… Continue Reading