Monsters, Machines, and Mythological Beasts, Oh My!

Monsters, Machines, and Mythological Beasts, Oh My! I know that I’m usually bringing you reviews of sleaze and gore, but today we’re gonna be doing something a little different. Today, we’re gonna talk about music. You’ve seen the title already.… Continue Reading

Lore Spoiler Free Review

I have a strange relationship with representation in film. Like, I’m not going to sit and complain that there aren’t enough Indigenous folks in movies, but I do get excited when I see a movie that has natives in it… Continue Reading

The Fear Footage 2: Curse of the Tape – Spoiler-Free Review

In 2018, I received an unmarked envelope containing a Blu-ray and a short note. The film on that disc was The Fear Footage and it was fucking awesome. If you’re into found-footage and haven’t seen that one yet, you are… Continue Reading