The Drone (2019) DVD Review

The Drone DVD Review (2019)
Directed By: Jordan Rubin
Starring: Alex Essoe, John Brotherton, Christopher Matthew Cook

A newlywed couple is terrorized by a drone that has become sentient with the consciousness of a deranged serial killer.

The Drone is a Lionsgate movie that is about a killer drone. You’d think being backed by Lionsgate this movie would be something great but unfortunately it falls flat for me. There are some fun moments but for the most part it’s just an ok movie. It was cool to see what they did with the drone and the film has pretty good special FX.There are definitely certain things remind me of Childs Play. The Drone feels more like a Syfy Original movie to me more then anything. You’ll know what I’m talking about after watching it. I received this movie from Lionsgate and it also included a bloody drone which is so cool. I really want to thank them for that. This is just my opinion make your own and check out this movie.

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