‘Bad Movie Night’ Crew Premieres Comedy-Horror Short ‘Work Sucks!’

Work Sucks!

Work Sucks!

There is no one more pitiable or put upon than the man or woman whose job it is to clean up after a reckless and hedonistic libertine. Think of the housekeeping staff whose job it might be to clean up after a (figurative) 1980s cock-rocker destroys furniture and smears shit all over the walls of his hotel room. The housekeepers will do the job because it is the job that needs to be done. Yet no paycheck or tip is large enough to enable them to do it with smiles on their faces.

Put yourself in their shoes for a minute. No matter how much it pays, the work sucks. Now imagine that the cock-rocker is a murderous vampire who insists on throwing wild basement parties that result in jets of blood and gore from the bodies of his victims. Someone has to clean up the mess. But would you look forward to getting up and going to work every day?

That’s the basic premise of writer/director Chris Ruppert’s new comedy-horror short Work Sucks! The short stars Ian Anderson as The Cleaner, a long-suffering man of the mop tasked with covering up the brutal crimes of his employer Dr. Acula (Ruppert). Watching him prepare for the task, we get the impression that the blood and gore The Cleaner encounters is par for the course, just another day on the job. He’s practically bored by it all. Bored, that is, until he starts to cut up for disposal the body of Dr. Acula’s most recent victim Steve (Aaron Ruppert) only to discover that the man is still very much alive.

Add in a visit from Dr. Acula’s other henchman Renfield (AJ Nutter), and what ensues is pure and simple entertainment. Work Sucks! is what might happen if you crossed the candy factory episode of I Love Lucy with Evil Dead II and compressed everything down to 15 minutes. There are misunderstandings. There’s gore. There’s slapstick. Most of all, there’s fun. If you need some light-hearted fun horror to fill a break time in your dead-end job day, Work Sucks! is the way to go.

The Cleaner Gets To Work in 'Work Sucks!'
The Cleaner Gets To Work in ‘Work Sucks!’

Ruppert and company plan to premiere Work Sucks! on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. It will premiere live on the Bad Movie Night YouTube Channel, a companion video channel for their Bad Movie Night podcast. The movie will be posted on that same channel afterward.

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