Evil Dead Rise Comes to Streaming This Week

A still from Evil Dead Rise

Horror fans have been waiting to see Evil Dead Rise since it was first announced in 2021. At the time, Warner Bros. Studios planned to take the film straight to streaming. However, after some positive test screenings, they decided to give the movie a wide theatrical release. Many fans of the franchise flocked to theaters in April to see the latest installment of the franchise. Others, though, missed their chance to see it on the big screen. Later this week, those fans will get to see all the Deadites, blood, and family issues from the comfort of their homes.

Evil Dead Rise is coming to Max (formerly HBO Max) on June 23rd. Those who don’t have Max will have to rent it on one of the many VOD services that are offering it for much more than a Max subscription.

Evil Dead Rise Took a Long Road to Streaming

Sending the fifth Evil Dead movie to theaters seems like a no-brainer. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell executive produced the film. The duo also hand-picked Lee Cronin to helm the project. Additionally, Rise takes the Evil Dead franchise out of the woods and puts it in an urban setting. For many fans, that was all they needed to know to be excited about the film.

In 2021, though, theatrical releases were still a gamble. However, test screenings of the new movie were overwhelmingly positive. As a result, the studio made the decision to take a gamble on a theatrical release. It was a good gamble.

According to Collider, the team made Evil Dead Rise on a budget of about $20 million. It brought in $146 million at the worldwide box office – $67 million in the States and $78 million abroad. This made Rise the most profitable installment in the franchise.

More Evil Dead Is Coming

After the massive success of Rise, we can probably expect more Evil Dead content in the future. In fact, Collider reports that Bruce Campbell has hinted at the possibility of more films in the coming years. Additionally, they are planning an animated Ash vs. Evil Dead series.

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