Flowers follows six dead women as they wake up in the crawlspace of their killer’s home. They must make their way through the house, which serves as a macabre kind of purgatory, and come to grips with their lives and deaths in order to move on or face being trapped in the rotting walls of the house for eternity.

At its heart, Flowers is the one of the darkest goddamned haunted house movies you’ll ever see. From what I gather, the victims of a particularly nasty serial killer are forced to come to terms with the choices they made that brought them into the clutches of their killer. What’s more, they have to witness their own deaths again and this man doesn’t kill quickly. If they can’t come to terms with all of that, they are forced to stay in the house which may serve as a form of purgatory but it seems a lot closer to hell.

So, let’s talk about the visuals a little bit. The kind of looks like a monster that liked to dismember folks and leave pig heads in weird places used it as a killing ground for awhile and then left the house for a few months without cleaning anything up. The sets are insanely well done, is what I’m getting at here. The makeup effects are not only equally as good as the sets but there are some really cool and original things being done. The gore is solid, too and there is plenty of it which is always a plus.

Not just a pretty face, Flowers packs an interesting story and some great performances. The way these women emote their suffering is tremendous, which is really important because there’s no dialog. None of the women can make a sound as they take their journey; they can interact with their surroundings but nothing leaves their mouths. Seeing the screams and sobs lets your imagination fill in the sounds making it all the more haunting. It’s night a silent film, though, it comes complete with a great score and some effective sound design. Flowers pulls you in and invites you to experience each woman’s trials with her instead of just watching it unfold.

All in all, would I recommend this film? Yeah. Fans of strange films or extreme horror should definitely check this one out.  All of the elements in Flowers come together to make something dark and haunting that will really stick with you and it’s definitely a journey you should take.

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