Chaos A.D. Review

On Halloween night a brother and sister, an abused wife with a dark secret, and a scumbag politician are kidnapped by a group of deranged killers known as F.R.E.A.K and subjected to brutal torture for the entertainment of unseen benefactors. They have to find a way to work together to escape the clutches of these maniacs but will they survive or will they just make the night more entertaining?

Chaos A.D. is a killer combination of sex, violence, blood, and gore; it offers a little more than that though. I have said a thousand times that I go into more extreme titles like I do when I’m watching porn. No no, not with my hog in my hand but with a different kind of focus. I don’t watch porn for the plot or the performances. I don’t nitpick why the plumber is accepting a blowie in exchange for fixing a sink; I’m just there for the money shot. When I watch torture porn/splatter flicks I’m not there to dissect a plot I’m on board for the depravity and bloodshed. Unlike regular porn though, when they throw in a plot and some character development it’s kind of a nice surprise. Chaos A.D. does this. They develop some of the characters, the brother and sister duo and the abused wife in particular, enough that I cared about what happened to them by the end of the movie. The plot is kind of like a negligee in that while it is kind of thin, it still manages to be interesting.

The performances are about what you would expect form a movie like this. The dialog often falls a little flat but when it is time to put violence, sadism, and terror on display the cast shines.  Again, much like in porn, you’re not here for the dialog, it’s all about how they pull off the action and in that regard Chaos A.D. totally pays off. Standout performances in this one go to Amanda Welch as the jealous and sadistic Vixen and Paula Tsurara as Lilith, the sexiest goddamned feral cannibal I have ever seen on film. Nobody is going to get an Oscar for their performances in this one but when the time comes to get down they obviously know what they’re doing.

Lately I’ve really been digging super low budget practical effects. That is another place where this flick really shines. Sure, there are a couple things that look a little hokey but the majority of the blood and gore are really nice; this is especially true for the aforementioned cannibalism scene and a couple of other moments of glorious dismemberment. There’s something to be said about the level of skill it takes to work on very little money and still inject some realism into the blood and guts.

This, like most extreme titles, isn’t for everybody. There are depictions of rape, dismemberment, domestic abuse, and torture. You kind of assume that going in, though. This is not, however, just an hour and a half of dudes beating the dog shit out of women before an extended rape scene over and over again. Chaos A.D. is more egalitarian when it comes to the sadistic onscreen violence. I’m a fan of strong female characters, even more so when they are dismembering folks with a reciprocating saw.

All in all, would I recommend this film? Yeah. It was a pretty solid example of extreme cinema and if the information above doesn’t completely put you off, I totally suggest getting yourself a copy from Sleaze Box.


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