Stalk (Short Reviews for Short Films)

                Stalk is a five minute short that follows a masked attacker as he…well.. stalks his next victim. The influence of the classic Halloween is definitely there, but it definitely isn’t a just the same thing repackaged as something original.

I’m about to get all the way into spoiler territory, so why don’t you do yourself a favor and go watch the short before reading on.

In just a few short minutes the good folks over at Horror House Media are able to spin an interesting story and build some tension and close it all out with a solid ending. I really liked the way they handled the plot twist. I also think that the concept a lychanthrope that doesn’t fully transform would be something really cool to dig into. Like, are they a werewolf or just someone suffering from the delusion of being a wolf person? That would be a killer concept. Either way, They pulled this off nicely.

All in all would I recommend this short? Uh, yeah. Yeah I would. Click that link up there and check it out. This is my favorite from Horror House Media so far and if this is an indication on how much they improve between shorts, I am incredibly excited for what comes out of that team in the future.


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