Chickens Blood Review (feat. Luce Allan)

As many of you already know, we were at the world premiere of Chickens Blood at the Full Moon Cineplex. We’ve all talked about what a great night we had in blurbs and in the podcast this week but now we’re going to focus on the movie itself. Enjoy.




Chickens Blood: A Review

by Luce Allan

In Chickens Blood (2019), a wrestler travels with his girlfriend and two friends to one of his wrestling matches; when they lose their path and find themselves in a small Tennessee town, however, they discover a terrifying, life-and-death match between a vengeful clown and a formidable gang of meth dealers—and are caught in the midst of the accelerating bloodlust on both sides.

Chickens Blood packs an impressive punch with its original take on the typical indie slasher film. Although the clown concept has regained massive popularity in current horror films due to It (which has bred a host of clown-centered films, both good and bad), Chicken’s Blood adds intrigue by pairing a classic horror archetype with the gritty and ruthless inner workings of a small town dominated by both hardcore drugs and the gangs that supply them. The film’s general sense of sharp humor and observations are refreshing (and often hilarious), and effectively juxtapose the intense moments of terror and gore that splash onto the screen with ferocity. Some of the most notable acting performances are provided by Chuck Conry, Kerry Jordan, and Ethan Bouldin—all of whom greatly contribute to the character-driven backbone of the film, as well as the movie’s engaging sense of humor. A number of the kills are particularly fresh, exciting, and unabashedly bloody—some of the hallmarks of a well-crafted slasher film.

This film—as stated by Korey Jordan, the primary producer/director of the film—is a “no-budget” production; with this in mind, there are still a few flaws that occasionally dip into the film’s strengths. Some of the acting performances feel a bit flat, and there are moments in which the film’s editing is somewhat disjointed in its execution. Both of these factors may temporarily distract the viewer from the general creativity and tension presented in the film.

Overall, Chickens Blood is well worth a watch due to its originality, humor, and deliciously savage gore.



Chickens Blood Review


Chickens Blood is the no-budget slasher film you’ve been waiting for. It follows Tink and his gang of meth dealing trailer dwellers and a group of suburbanites on their way to a wrestling event, as they deal with one seriously pissed off dude in a clown mask simply known as Happy. Happy don’t give a fraction of a fuck and is hellbent for revenge; he has no issues with brutally murdering just about everybody in his path.

I know that when you mention low or no budget films many people write them off immediately. This would be a huge mistake in the case of Chickens Blood. This is a movie full of bloody kills, solid performances, some good laughs, a little bit of shock and gore, and some damn fine cinematography. While it definitely looks and feels like a low budget film, the movie shines. No bullshit, Chickens Blood is one of the best if not the best low budget indie films I have seen in a long time. It’s a damn good time.

Chickens Blood is a great example of the fact that if you have a good story, passion, and a good group of folks you can make a film on little to no money. The writing really shines in this film. From the overall story to the dialog it is obvious that a ton of thought and love went into the writing. The jokes are hilarious, the darker scenes hit just like they should, and the pacing is on point.  Korey Jordan wrote the story and Chuck Conry developed the screenplay and it is obvious that these dudes make one hell of a team.

This is the first film appearance for a good number of the cast but they all manage to play their parts well. The characters are well built and the skill of the direction really comes through. I do have to say that Kerry Jordan as Tink and Chuck Conry as John are standout performances. These guys didn’t just nail their lines, they made their characters feel real and that’s something you don’t get very often regardless of who is playing a part or how much cash is being pumped into it.

So, all in all, would I recommend this film? Are you fucking kidding me? Of course I would! I’ve been excited about this movie since I heard about it last year and I was not disappointed. Chickens Blood will probably never see a digital release but the DVD release is coming soon. According to Korey Jordan, they should be out by February. As soon as they drop, we will be sure to let you know so you can get in on the madness as well.


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