Terrifier 3 Will Be ‘More Extreme’ Than Previous Installments

Terrifier 3 promo art

The team at Tennessee Horror News jumped on the Terrifier bandwagon early and has no plans of jumping off any time soon. The first installment made Art the Clown a cult favorite. Then, last year, the sequel raked in a stack of cash and catapulted our favorite silent clown to bona fide horror icon status. It looks like this is only the start, though. Damien Leone and Phil Falcone are teaming up again to bring us Terrifier 3.

Earlier this week, Cineverse Corp. secured the North American rights to the third installment of the series. Cineverse plans to give Terrifier 3 a wide theatrical release next year. Then, it will find a home on Cineverse’s streaming service, SCREAMBOX, according to a press release.

Terrifier 3 Is Going to Be a Wild One

Right now, there aren’t any details about Terrifier 3. However, we do know that the team will aim “to recreate the magic of Terrifier 2 while pushing the boundary of the horror genre to an even more extreme level,” per the press release.

The first installment of the franchise was a delight for gorehounds. With the sequel, we saw Leone and company dial that up to an even more insane level. It’s hard to imagine how they’ll push the envelope further with the upcoming film.

“It’s pretty clear that we’re now entering a slasher genre renaissance – perhaps the biggest one since the 90s. Filmmakers like myself are going to have to keep pushing the envelope,” Leone said of the future of the franchise.

A Partnership Made in Horror Heaven

About acquiring the rights for Terrifier 3 Cineverse Chairman and CEO Chris McGurk said, “We are thrilled that Damien and Phil have chosen to stay true to the franchise and keep the film uncut and independent rather than going the major studio route.”

Leone and Falcone are “thrilled” to be teaming with Cineverse and Bloody Disgusting to bring Terrifier 3 to life. “Aside from a yearning for new and exciting horror villains like Art the Clown, a large part of Terrifier 2’s success was based on its unprecedented theatrical release and its uncompromising nature. Many studios are unwilling to take that sort of a risk these days whereas Cineverse not only took it but embraced it,” Leone said of the partnership. “It’s encouraging when a company respects a director’s vision and understands what makes a certain film successful.”

Terrifier 3 is slated for a fall 2024 theatrical release followed by a streaming premiere exclusively on SCREAMBOX.

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