Put Some Horror In Your Ears with These Audiodramas and Podcasts

Art from The Silt Verses, one of the best horror audiodramas

(Image courtesy of The Silt Verses press kit)

My love of horror didn’t start with movies and doesn’t end there, either. I love a good scary story in just about any form. A couple of years ago, I discovered Video Palace on Shudder. Since then, I’ve been sliding deeper into the rabbit hole of horror audiodramas and podcasts. It doesn’t matter if I’m working out, cooking dinner, or just relaxing I usually have some kind of story playing in the background.

Before we go on, I want to clarify that we’re not talking about podcasts that discuss horror movies. If you’re looking for that, go check out The Horror Basement and Beyond or The Holler Kings for your fix. These are all podcasts that tell horror stories either with a single narrator or a full cast.

With that being said, let’s dig into a few of the best horror audiodramas I’ve found so far.

Horror Audiodramas: Full-Cast Spookiness

To me, a good audiodrama is just as entertaining as watching a horror movie or starting a new TV show. Here are a few that sucked me in and took me to a different world.

The Silt Verses

This is one of the few horror audiodramas that I think has replay value.

Set in a dystopian future where corporations create gods and mandate their worship, two followers of an ancient, violent, and outlawed god go on a pilgrimage.

Carpenter is a lifelong follower and is beginning to question her faith while young Faulkner’s religious zeal knows no bounds. These differences often put the two servants of the Trawler Man at odds. Luckily, they learn to work together because the pair comes up against law enforcement, hungry gods, and creatures that would give Lovecraft nightmares.

The show’s second season concluded last October. The third and final season begins this summer. So, you have some time to dig into the show before the beginning of the end.  

Two Dead Girls in Jubeliene

If you’re into true crime and horror, you’re going to love this audiodrama.

When Myra’s estranged father dies in a hay bailer accident, she returns home for the funeral. What she thought would be a short visit turned into a years-old murder mystery.

This show will keep you guessing until the very end. The twists, turns, and big emotional moments made this a show that I waited for every week. Luckily for you, the full 12-episode series is available to binge right now.  

Two Flat-Earthers Kidnap a Freemason

If you’re a fan of quirky horror comedies and conspiracy theories, this is the audiodrama for you.

This show gives you exactly what the title suggests. Two flat-earth YouTubers are dying to get their views up. So, logically, they kidnap a Freemason and lock him in the basement. The pair threaten him with death if he doesn’t reveal the secrets of his order.

Two Flat Earthers delivers plenty of laughs, a few great twists, and one hell of a story. The full 17-episode first season is available to stream right now.  

Horror Podcasts: Tell Me a Story

Let’s take a step away from audiodramas and take a look at some great single-narrator story podcasts. Pull up a chair, get comfortable, and get ready for some great stories.

Drew Blood’s Dark Tales

This show is an anthology of standalone horror stories with a single narrator, but it might as well be a full-cast audiodrama. Drew Blood has a knack for creating voices that bring characters to life. Sometimes, I forget it’s all one guy behind the mic.

There are a ton of episodes available to stream right now and new ones drop every Friday. If you want to hear some great stories told by a talented narrator, this is the show for you.

A Conduit’s Diary

This show is a testament to what an independent creator can do.

Rachel is a Phoenix, Arizona-based paranormal investigator. Sort of. Gifted with the ability to see and speak to the dead and other haints from the Other Side, she rids homes of unwanted spirits, solves murders, and learns more about herself, her family, and her ability.

Three 10-episode seasons are available to stream right now. The fourth season is on its 7th installment the show is in the middle of a short break. So, you have plenty of time to tune in and catch up.


Achewillow is, without a doubt, my favorite show right now. It’s another one that straddles the line between audiodrama and scary story podcast.

After Miriam DuFour gets kicked out of culinary school, she inherits a small café in the town of Achewillow on the Canadian border. More than that, she unknowingly takes her place in a long line of DuFour witches.

Five complete 15-episode seasons are available to stream now and the sixth season is nearing its conclusion. Take a trip to Achewillow, you won’t regret it.

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