Paramount Pictures and Neal H. Moritz to Reboot Scary Movie Franchise


The horror parody film franchise *Scary Movie* is set to make a comeback, freshly announced at CinemaCon by Paramount Pictures and producer Neal H. Moritz is renowned for his work on the *Fast and Furious* series.

The original *Scary Movie*, directed by Keenen Ivory Wayans and released in 2000, was a comedic take on popular horror films of its time, including *Scream*, *I Know What You Did Last Summer*, and *Friday the 13th*. Its success at the box office, grossing $278 million on a modest $19 million budget, paved the way for five sequels. However, subsequent entries in the series struggled to capture the same level of acclaim.

According to reports from Variety, production for the reboot is slated to begin in the fall of 2024, with a target release date in 2025. While details regarding the plot and casting remain under wraps, fans are eager for the return of beloved characters such as Anna Faris’ Cindy and Regina Hall’s Brenda.

The reboot is part of Paramount’s collaboration with Miramax, the studio responsible for the original franchise. Miramax will finance the production, with Paramount handling distribution. This partnership underscores the studios’ commitment to revitalizing the *Scary Movie* brand under fresh creative direction.

Jonathan Glickman, former CEO of MGM, now leads Miramax, bringing his expertise and vision to the table. With his leadership, along with the combined efforts of Paramount and Miramax, the rebooted *Scary Movie* has the potential to reinvigorate the genre and deliver a hilarious and entertaining experience for audiences worldwide.

As anticipation builds for the revival of this beloved franchise, fans can look forward to more updates on casting, plot details, and production milestones in the months to come. Stay tuned for more scares and laughs as *Scary Movie* returns to the big screen in 2025.

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