Edgar Wright to Reboot Stephen King’s “The Running Man”: A Futuristic Thrill Ride


Paramount’s presentation at CinemaCon today unveiled exciting news for fans of both Edgar Wright’s dynamic filmmaking and Stephen King’s gripping storytelling. In a bold move, Wright, known for his innovative directorial style in films like “Last Night in Soho” and the beloved “Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy,” is set to reboot King’s dystopian thriller, “The Running Man.” Joining him is the charismatic Glen Powell from “Anyone But You,” who will take the lead in this thrilling adaptation.

Originally penned by King under the pseudonym Richard Bachman in 1982, “The Running Man” made its mark on the big screen in 1987 with Paul Michael Glaser directing and action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger in the starring role. The story, set in a grim future America in 2025, follows Ben Richards, a father desperate to save his terminally ill daughter. To secure funds for her treatment, Richards embarks on a perilous journey as a contestant on the sadistic reality show, “The Running Man,” where survival means evading lethal pursuers while the world watches.

Wright’s adaptation promises to delve deeper into King’s bestselling novel, offering audiences a more faithful representation of its gritty and suspenseful narrative. Teaming up with co-writer Michael Bacall, Wright’s vision aims to capture the essence of King’s dystopian world while injecting his unique cinematic flair into the mix. The reboot will not only pay homage to the original source material but also introduce a fresh perspective that resonates with modern audiences.

In addition to his directing and writing duties, Wright will produce the film alongside industry veterans Nira Park and Simon Kinberg. George Linder is set to executive produce, adding his expertise to ensure the project’s success.

With Wright at the helm, fans can anticipate a thrilling ride through the treacherous landscapes of King’s imagination, where every twist and turn keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. As “The Running Man” races towards production, it promises to be a cinematic event that captivates audiences and reignites the timeless appeal of King’s gripping tale. Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting project unfolds on the silver screen.

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