Jordan Peele Resurrects Candyman

After scrolling through Instagram I saw a post from Tony Todd of the poster for Jordan Peele’s reboot of Candyman (2020). This got me excited thinking back how much Candyman(1992) scared me as a kid. Then I noticed in the comments people saying the poster looks like the poster from American Horror Story Cult. After looking at that poster it does.

I’m Very Happy To See Tony Todd Is In This!

I was curious as who was in the movie so I looked up the IMDb and Tony Todd was the only actor I knew of and he’s playing a character named Stix. I was hoping to see Tony as Candyman again but seeing that this is a reboot I can understand why he won’t be. Just going off the credits this means nothing until we see the movie. It says the expected release date is June 12th, 2020. So there should be a trailer very soon to hype it up even though Candyman doesn’t need hype. I hope Jordan can pull this reboot off. As of late not too many remakes have been worth a shit! So fingers crossed Candyman comes back in a great scary way.

Candyman Had Me, My Brother & Sister Terrified As Kids

I want this to scare me again like when I was a kid. I posted a picture for the poster on all the social media pages asking for people’s opinions and on my Facebook, my little sister commented on it saying oh no. I will tell you that my sister has a real fear of Candyman. She is terrified of him so I want to get Tony Todd to record a video talking to her as Candyman. I also told her I’m taking her to see this movie she needs to face her fears. I’m sure this will be very funny but for her not so much. True fear will be there with her. Are you excited about Candyman?

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2 thoughts on “Candyman (2020) Poster

  1. I’m very excited. Have been waiting for 20 years for this movie! I, too, saw this film in the theater when I was 8 years old (by accident) and it scared the hell out of me. To this day, I will not walk into a dark bathroom without first reaching around the door and flipping on the light. And I have never said his name in front of a mirror. Probably never will. I believe mirrors are like ouija boards, unwise to mess around with. You never know what you might be inviting into your life.

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