IT: JimJam’s Opinion

This is my opinion of the book compared to the mini-series & both movies!

If you don’t know, I’m not a fan of reading at all. I’m not sure if it’s ADHD or what, but, when reading, it’s very hard for me to stay focused. I’ve heard so many talks about how good the book is and have also heard about controversial things in it. After years of hearing about it–and now that both movies are out–I had credit available on Audible.

I used that credit to finally get to hear the book I’ve heard so much about.

Now, it’s time to start listening to the book IT. Keep in mind this is 48 hours long; so, I’m thinking, “Fuck, this is gonna take forever!” I was right because it took almost 2 weeks to listen to. There is so much in this book that, if they had filmed the whole book, the movie probably would be like 10 hours or so. I also get that some of the things that happen in the book cannot be translated to the screen. But I would have liked to see more back story on The Losers Club!

The mini-series was very hard for me to watch!

There is something else I can’t stand. If a book is as fucked up as IT is, then why the fuck would you make a mini-series for a TV channel and make it PG-13? IT  is no PG-13 story by far, and should never be censored to make it for a fucking TV channel! I like the movies because they’re more in line with the books because, as we all know, most of us cussed and did all kinds of other things when we were their age; so, I was happy to see that they made it feel more like how kids are. But, after listening to the book, it kinda pissed me off on how much they changed and left out!

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I didn’t care for The Losers Club from the mini-series–they are kinda bland to me!

I was more invested with The Losers Club in the movies. I was able to connect with them more and found them better cast.

Also, there were some things that stood out to me.

I noticed a lot of things changed with the book vs the movies. In the book, Henry Bowers’s father was a farmer and, in the movie, he was a cop. In the book, Beverly’s mom was alive; in the movie, she was not. I just wondered why they changed that–what was the point, and why couldn’t they have left it the same? But that’s neither here nor there.

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Not a fan of Tim Curry as Pennywise

I’m sorry–I know tons of people adore Tim Curry as Pennywise, but I couldn’t stand him. He is not scary at all and reminds me of Bozo the Clown. He’s way too cartoonish for my taste.

I can’t say how much more I enjoyed the movies and how great Bill Skarsgãrd is as Pennywise. I think he is so much scarier and better than Tim Curry.

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I hear that Andy Muschietti is working on a supercut of both movies and he’ll be adding some deleted scenes. I’m very excited about this and can’t wait because I’ll be buying this Blu-Ray for sure! I recommend this movie if you don’t like to read or listen as I did!


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