FUCKED UP FRIDAYS: A Serbian Film (Revisited)


Almost a year ago, I watched this film for the first time and reviewed it. I shied away from the more gruesome details. Not this time, though. This time, we’re diving deep into this infamous piece of extreme cinema. We’re going to talk about all the dirty bits, folks.


A Serbian Film follows Milos, a washed-up porn star just trying to support his family. At one time, he was one of the greatest cock-slinger to ever pound vag. He was the Balkan King of Boning. By the time we meet Milos, though he’s just a guy with a huge porn collection of himself and a family. Just when he thinks everything is really going to hell in a hand basket one of his former co-stars offers him a starring role in a new artistic porn film. The director, a secretive man named Vukmir, wants Milos to help him create something more than porn. He wants to create “real sex, real people, real situations,” for a very select clientele. Milos soon realizes that Vukmir has sinister plans for him.



The movie opens with Milos slinging dick in a back alley. He has some standing sex before bending his costar over the front of a motorcycle.

The POV shifts and it is revealed that his six year old son, Petar is sitting on the couch watching one of his dad’s old movies. Milos and Marija catch him watching the film and there’s a little back and forth between them about keeping his films put away.

Daddy makes make believe movies.. they’re like cartoons for grownups


It is revealed that Milos had gotten that particular DVD out because Lejla, the girl getting railed in the alleyway, had called him with a job offer and he was planning to meet her. I guess he wanted to refresh his memory of what she looked like naked. I don’t know. I don’t do business meetings so I’m not sure how much of a help that would be. Either way, he goes to a nice outdoor café to meet his smoking-hot former coworker.

During this meeting, she breaks down this big opportunity to Milos. Vukmir, she explains, is making films in Serbia for the foreign market. She tells him very little about the man or the job but tells him that Vukmir will be calling him the next day and to be nice to him.

As they are wrapping up their talk, Marko comes and sits at the table. Marko is a crooked cop as well as a douchbag. He’s also Milos’ brother. Later, it is revealed that Marko is super hot for Marija. He even goes so far as to watch home movies of Milos’ family while he’s getting a blowjob just so he can look at Marija and get his nut. He’s creep-level obsessed with Marija. That’s all that we really need to know about him for now.

The Proposition

Milos gets the call from his new boss the next day. They talk a bit and Vukmir informs Milos that he will be sending a car around shortly and he is excited to finally meet such a big star. Remember, Milos is famous for his enormous raging erections. Huge cock. That’s important later.

Milos shows up to Vukmir’s giant house and they talk a little about the job. Vukmir informs his new star that he will be making groundbreaking artistic films. They are bigger than porn. They are life distilled on film. When Milos is handed a contract and told that he doesn’t need to read all of it, just the numbers he does just that. He realizes that there is nothing about the film in the contract and wants to know what kind of movie he is agreeing to make. Vukmir informs him that his reaction will be better if he doesn’t know what’s coming.

Marija and Milos discuss the new job and he decides to do it. The sum of money is never stated but it is apparently enough to have the family financially set for the rest of Petar’s life. They need the money so it was hard for Milos to say no.

Filming Starts

From the first day of filming, Milos realized that this gig is a little different. The car arrives for him and the driver hands him an ear piece and tells him to put it in. This is how he gets his direction for the upcoming scene. He is instructed to walk into a building that is revealed to be an orphanage.

right this way…

As two cameramen follow him, he walks into the building and down the hall. Here he is greeted by a beautiful woman who leads him down the hall to a stairwell. She stops and motions Milos to what looks like a preteen girl sitting on the stairs. This is a super fucked up fake out because you’re led to believe that Milos is going to be plying his trade with the girl.

Luckily, the girl’s mom comes in yelling at her and drags her away. They might be Serbian but that was some methed out trailer park “parenting” if I ever saw it. The woman leads him to a darkened room with two big video screens. As she steps behind Milos and starts groping his bulge, the screens come on. One is the young girl eating a popsicle and the other is her putting on her makeup.

Milos is forced to watch this as the woman gets ready to play a solo on his skin flute. He’s a little fucked up about it but finally, he decides to say “fuck it” and rearrange her tonsils despite the weird images on the screen.

Another Day Another Depraved Act  

Milos is brought to a big ass warehouse where he will shoot his next film. We see the young girl’s mother being slapped around before she crawls over to Milos and begins working on playing her own skin flute concerto.

Everything is going well until Milos realizes that the little girl is sitting in a chair watching them. He freaks out and pushes the woman off of his rod and starts yelling about quitting.

This little girl has some issues though

At this point, one of Vukmir’s goons grabs him in a sleeper hold and the woman bites down on Milos’ trouser trumpet.

The goon and the young girl start demanding that Milos hit the woman. She’s got her teeth dug into his cock meat so it doesn’t take much goading for him to give her a few shots to the head. She releases her oral death grip, grabs his crank, and starts working on taking a shot to the face of a different kind.

Things Have Taken a Turn…

Milos meets with Vukmir to tell him that he is quitting the film. He tells Vukmir that he doesn’t fuck kids, he doesn’t beat women, and he damn sure doesn’t beat women while their kids watch. This is obviously a lie. We watched him do it. Anyway, he is telling Vukmir that he isn’t down with the kind of shit Vukmir is making.

At this point, Vukmir explains that kids are “his thing” and he explains how people want to live vicariously through film. He wants to show the world the plight of victims. In a world that is becoming more and more free of certain hardships, especially for Vukmir’s clients, the victimization of others is an easy sell.

Milos isn’t trying to hear any of that shit and instead of listening to reason, Vukmir doubles down. He decides that Milos needs to see some of his “art” in order to understand what he is trying to create. So, he sits Milos down and queues up a film.

This film gives us one of the most infamous scenes in the movie. A large bald man is helping a mother give birth. Milos isn’t sure what’s going on but he knows it can’t be good. First-time viewers are probably in the same boat.

The man delivers the baby. Then, lets not mince words here, he fucks the baby to death in front of the mother. Honestly, I think the mom was into it.

Milos has had enough of this crazy fuckery and bails out. As he’s leaving, Vukmir yells after him telling Milos that what he witnessed was a whole new genre. It was called “Newborn porn”.

You Thought You Could Leave?

Milos is pretty fucked up over his day at the office and heads home. He’s done. He’s sure of it. Then he starts rubbing his cock through his jeans as a woman walks across a crosswalk. She comes to the car, reaches in, starts jerking Milos off and ends up pushing him into the passenger seat while she drives. She never stops yanking his crank.

Milos wakes up in his bed all bloody and fucked up. It is revealed that he has lost about three or four days. The man doesn’t have a clue what happened but he knows who to blame. Most of the rest of the film plays out in flashbacks.

This is Where Things Get Fucking Weird

Our protagonist heads back to Vukmir’s place and finds some tapes. He decides to watch them and is sickened by what he finds. It is revealed that Vukmir and his hot-ass assistant drugged him with a cocktail that basically turned him into a ravenously horny, violent, zombie slave.

One of the first flashbacks shows him with the mother from earlier. She is chained up on the bed, completely naked and face down. All his captors have to do is point him in her direction and he’s behind her digging around in her guts.

Vukmir starts telling him what a filthy whore the woman is and demands that he beat her. After Milos lands a few hard punches to her back, he is handing a machete. He continues going to town on this lady doggy-style while hacking her head off with a machete.


Once she is dead, Milos is pulled away from her corpse and the production team goes about cleaning up the crime scene.

A What Kind of Communion?

One of the tapes Milos watches shows him sitting on the couch in a small house. The young gril, Jeca, from earlier is sitting there as well. Her grandmother starts going on about Jeca’s late father and how he died before he could give Jeca her “Young woman’s communion” and turn her into a woman.

At this point, the young girl starts rubbing on Milos’ thigh. She’s totally into it. Milos, on the other hand, isn’t into it at all. He’s so not into it that he threatens to cut his massive member off before jumping out a window.

A Happy Serbian Family

One of the most fucked up scenes in the movie happens a few minutes later. Milos is led into a room. There are two bodies on a platform. They’re covered from the waist up but naked from the waist down. He is led to the first one and goes to town fucking it. Then, he is directed to the other body which is much smaller.

Vukmir is like a kid on Christmas. Can’t wait to unwrap his gift..

As he is squeezing his big ol’ donkey wang into a tiny orifice, a masked man comes over and starts drilling the larger body. Before long, he and the masked man are really giving it to their respective lifeless bodies. Vukmir is standing there like a kid in a candy store. The excitement on his face is evident as he reaches out and unmasks the second man, revealing Marko.

Milos doesn’t have time to fully react to this before the two victims are revealed. Marko is shown to be fucking Marija while Milos is balls deep in his son Petar. He loses his shit, beats the fuck out of Vukmir and shoots a couple of the goons. Marija sees her son laying next to her and loses her shit as well. She kills Marko.

But Wait, There’s More!

Milos is shown back at home. His wife and child are obviously deeply traumatized. After sitting in silence for awhile they make an unspoken agreement and go lay in the bed. Petar is laid between his parents and Milos uses a pistol to end their suffering.

The corpses of the family are laid out on the bed and a camera crew is set up at the foot of the bed. One of the crew starts to unbuckle his pants while looking at the lifeless bodies. Vukmir’s replacement tells him to “start with the little one” as the credits roll.

Aesthetically Speaking, Though..

                If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a thousand times: this movie is fucking gorgeous. The cinematography is stellar. There are some shots of Milos brooding over his decisions on life and his actions that are just incredible. They’re beautiful scenes steeped in emotion. They really serve to humanize the man that will later be reduced to a mindless fuck machine.

The practical effects in this flick are pretty dope as well. This isn’t an all-out bloodbath or anything but when blood spills it looks good. The beheading scene is also really well done.

The only thing that really takes me out of it is Milos’ obvious stunt cock. Every time you get a glimpse of his tool it looks like a big generic strap on. I know a fake cock is a weird thing to bitch about but it is what it is.

This movie may be infamous for its content but there great care was taken to present that content in the cleanest way possible.

The Characters

I feel like these characters are really well put-together. You know everything you need to know about all of them.

Vukmir is framed as a madman and philosopher who is hellbent on bringing his form of art to the world. I really enjoy him as a villain. Some of the speeches he gives about art and humanity are great. He might be a crazy fucker who makes pedo snuff films but that makes him an interesting villain.

Milos is developed well. He’s just your average dad. He wants to live his life and love his family. At the root of it, he gets into all of this crazy shit because he wants to give his family a better existence. His humanity is really solidified in his reaction to his actions while under the influence of Vukmir’s cocktail. He’s a fairly ordinary dude in an extraordinarily fucked up situation and watching him come to terms with is is so rewarding.

How Does It Hold Up?

I said in my previous review that this movie was incredibly fucked up and lived up to all the hype. This time around, though, I feel a little less overwhelmed by it. There are some seriously fucked up moments. The “family scene” will always be really fucking twisted. Much of the rest of the film will fall flat to those who are more used to extreme films.

A Serbian Film is a movie full of depravity and sexual violence. It isn’t in this that I find the most disturbing scenes, though. To me, that final scene is the most nihilistic and disturbing of the whole film. You’re led to believe that Vukmir is the source of all of this evil but you’re shown that he is only a cog in a much larger machine. Knowing this, steals the moment of catharsis that comes with his death. Also, the fact that they are using Milos and his family is props for the next film steals the release of their deaths. This scene is subtle and brilliant.

Honestly, after a year of wading through weird shit, I feel like A Serbian Film is training wheels. It’s a good movie and an excellent introduction to extreme cinema but it’s nowhere near the most disturbing film ever made.

Final Thoughts

I saw a shirt the other day that said “I liked A Serbian Film so fuck you and your baby”. That’s how I feel about it, really. I liked this movie and with the right people, I would be willing to watch it again. If I were going to drag someone down the rabbit hole of extreme cinema this would be within the first couple films I showed them. A Serbian film depraved, disgusting, and well-done. I love this movie for challenging taboos and showing us that lines can be crossed in film even in the modern age.

All in all, would I recommend this movie? You’re goddamned right I would! Forget all the hype and all the horrible things you’ve heard, strap in, and let this movie broaden your horizons. Just keep telling yourself “It’s only a movie”.

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