Hey! Did You Hear About… by Yeti

                What’s up everybody? It’s that time again! Yup. It’s Friday, I ain’t got no job, I ain’t got shit to do, so I’m gonna.. well I’m gonna bring you some horror news. I’ve been gathering shiny tidbits all week long and I’ve finally amassed a collection worthy of our readers. So, before JimJam and Jonny wake up the Gimp.. Hey! Did you hear about…
                The casting for the next installment of IT? We don’t have a full cast as of yet but we do have five of the seven adult Losers’ Club members. I know that I have gone out of my way to shit on the first installment of IT but I am genuinely excited to see some of these faces in a new horror flick.  The adult Stan will be played by Andy Bean( Allegiant) , Eddie will be portrayed by James Ransone (The Wire), SNL alum Bill Hader will be taking the role of Richie, and those are all cool or whatever but the other two are the ones that I find the most interesting. Jessica Chastain who looks like a grown-up Sophia Lillis will be taking over the role of Bev; talk about killer casting. Finally, we have James McAvoy as Bill. Sure they all look kind of like their kid counterparts but Jessica Chastain is dead on and McAvoy is, in my opinion, a fucking beast of an actor. At the very least, this will be better than the latter installment of the original miniseries. Even if the character design on Pennywise blows dogs for quarters.
                Dieter Spears’ Death Haus short? Well, let me tell you about it! Local filmmaker and all around badass Dieter Spears  put out a proof of concept short film about a year ago and because I am so goddamned far behind the times I’m just now seeing it. So. Yeah. Anyway, it follows two kids who sneak into what they think is a warehouse to snoop around. What they find is some kind of evil haunted house. The visual effects in this fifteen minute romp are on point and it does precisely what it was meant to do, garner interest in a full length movie. Go check out the short here and see what I mean!
                The SOV OG Donald Farmer doing a remake of Cannibal Hookers? Donald Farmer has been making shot on video horror flicks since the 70’s. He is the mind behind such infamous films as Vampire Cop, Savage Vengeance, Demon Queen, and of course the 1986 version of Cannibal Hookers.  We live in a world where remakes and reboots are all the rage but how often do you see a director doing a remake of his own film? Seriously? You can check out the trailer here and you can see what we are in for later this year.
                The fact that we’re getting a sequel that people actually want? That’s right, Zombieland is coming back next year! Well, that’s the plan anyway. In an interview with Vulture , Paul Wernick said that they are hoping to start shooting early next year and are hoping for an October release, close to the ten year anniversary of the original film. The sequel will focus on a different team of people working their way through the zombie apocalypse about the same time as the original film and may contain cameos from the original cast in the form of a chance meeting. I’m fucking with you, the original cast is coming back! Yes! Zombieland 2. Original cast. Original writing team. October 2019. Probably. Get pumped, son!
                Well, that’s it for me this week. I’d say that I would keep my ear to the ground but if you have ever seen Pulp Fiction you’ll know why I ain’t trying to do all that with the Gimp running around. I would say I don’t know why they even got him, but he sure as hell keeps us in line.  Until next time, Dear Reader, stay spooky and try not to be an asshole.


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