The Future of Friday the 13th The Game


      For about the last month there has been a big “will they, won’t they” thing going on with development of Friday the 13th the Game, but a few days ago we finally got some answers about what is going on. It turns out that the legal issue that paused new content development to cease was settled out of court and a new patch is about to go live on… no I’m just fucking with you.  Gun Media’s founder and president Wes Keltner released a statement a few days ago stating that development will cease on the title. Stating that they cannot continue to create “content that may never see the light of day” because that is just “bad business”. I totally get it, pouring hours of time and therefore money into something that might just die there in the studio is pointless. 
     The silver lining to all this is that Gun Media will continue to focus on console-based servers, maintenance, and bug fixes. So, much like a wiener in cold water, you can still play with it, just don’t expect it to get any bigger.

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