‘Beast Within’ Is An Entree Without Sides

'Beast Within' Poster

A good mystery is like a healthy meal: the main entree with complementary sides that leaves you feeling satisfied when completed. Whether you’re writing a mystery novel, developing a whodunnit board game in the style of Clue!, or making a… Continue Reading

‘Creepshow’ Episode 2 Is More Fun Than Episode 1

The Creep From CREEPSHOW

Horror streaming network Shudder has made the second episode of Greg Nicotero’s new Creepshow television series available for streaming. Everything’s still lovely and comic-book-style creepy. Last week’s first episode brought back everything fans loved about the original film franchise, including… Continue Reading

High Moon – Available VOD/Digital 5.14.19

   Available on VOD/Digital May 14th Trailer: https://vimeo.com/310236133 Genre-bending High Moon releasing May 14th on VOD/Digital A spectacularly fun mash-up of action and horror, motorcycles and so much blood. LOS ANGELES, CA – Sharpen the axes and load the silver bullets! Things are about… Continue Reading