Fame Gets Hairy in ‘Bloodthirsty’

'Bloodthirsty' Poster

A lust for fame and the placement of ambition above all else has consequences. Early in this cycle, the effects arrive as distancing from family and close friends. At its peak, one suddenly finds themselves addicted to substances or other… Continue Reading

‘Beast Within’ Is An Entree Without Sides

'Beast Within' Poster

A good mystery is like a healthy meal: the main entree with complementary sides that leaves you feeling satisfied when completed. Whether you’re writing a mystery novel, developing a whodunnit board game in the style of Clue!, or making a… Continue Reading

‘Creepshow’ Episode 2 Is More Fun Than Episode 1

The Creep From CREEPSHOW

Horror streaming network Shudder has made the second episode of Greg Nicotero’s new Creepshow television series available for streaming. Everything’s still lovely and comic-book-style creepy. Last week’s first episode brought back everything fans loved about the original film franchise, including… Continue Reading

High Moon – Available VOD/Digital 5.14.19

   Available on VOD/Digital May 14th Trailer: https://vimeo.com/310236133 Genre-bending High Moon releasing May 14th on VOD/Digital A spectacularly fun mash-up of action and horror, motorcycles and so much blood. LOS ANGELES, CA – Sharpen the axes and load the silver bullets! Things are about… Continue Reading