Site 13: Horror Through Space and Time


D.S. Thorndike

Site 13 (2023) took 17 years to bring to life. Originally started filming in 2003 and shelved by the original director Tony Urban. 13 years later, Nathan Faudree who plays Nathan, the film’s protagonist, was itching to finish the project. He reached out to Urban, and after speaking to some producers he wrote a new script for a “present-day” portion of the film to finish it up, and we got ourselves a feature film.

Site 13 Is Modern Lovecraftian Horror

Howard Phillips Lovecraft or H.P. Lovecraft was an author during the 20th century. His writings became an inspiration for science fiction, horror, and the occult in many forms of media. Combining ancient deities and the unknown with the cosmos was a perfect recipe for terror.

These projects that were inspired by the works of Lovecraft have a hard time making the genre (Cosmic Horror or Lovecraftian Horror) popular among the masses. There are only a select few that a majority can agree on; The Thing (1982), Alien (1979), Event Horizon (1997), and Glorious (2022) to name a few.  Even then, some never noticed the Cosmic Horror touches, other than the setting being in outer space. Faudree and Urban are bringing the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft to the masses once again with their award-winning film Site 13.

He is in the World…

Site 13 centers around the awakening of a man from a catatonic state of 10 years. This man’s obsession with symbols in a field. Videotapes, that help piece together what his mind has forgotten. The movie incorporates two separate films into a back-and-forth of past and present. Using the original found-footage part of the tapes. Time skips are always a fun way to distress the audience and keep them on their toes. This film goes through various types of moods. Going from a peaceful atmosphere to a more chaotic one, sometimes as chaotic as the universe itself.

Nathan Faudree really gave this movie a heart and mind. Watching his found footage scenes from 2004, you see a kid that wanted to be in the movies. Nathan was one horror and respected the Lovecraftian Mythos. Then you jump to the newly filmed scenes and see a more mature and confident actor.

Cosmic awards…

  • New York City Horror Film Festival (2021)
    • Best Sound Design
  • Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival (2022)
    • Best Sci-Fi Horror Film
  • Cult Movies International Film Festival (2022)
    • Best Feature Horror
  • 8 And HalFilm Awards (2022)
    • Best American Director
    • Best Horror
  • Montreal Independent Film Festival (2022)
    • Best Horror
  • New Wave Short Film Festival (2022)
    • Best Horror
  • Big Apple Film Festival and Screenplay Competition (2022)
    • Feature Film

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