From director Ben Rood comes Dont Run, a horror-fantasy born from the fear files of children everywhere, now available on Amazon Prime

Sundown becomes even more sinister in Don’t Run (2019). Soon after losing both of his parents, fifteen-year-old Peter (Danny Irizarry) believes that his aunt will now serve as his new guardian; once he arrives at her house, however, he discovers that another authority figure intends to dominate his entire existence: the monster underneath his bed.

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Don’t Run shows potential through the solid performance of its lead actor and moments of genuine humor and tension; however, much of the plot falls flat in terms of its overall execution. The opening scenes and dialogue feel awkward, and the transitional scenes throughout the storyline are often disjointed. While Irizarry carries the film well with his authentic portrayal of adolescence in the midst of terror (which is complemented by Charlotte Arnold’s sincere performance as Amy), some of the surrounding performances are not entirely convincing, which may occasionally take the audience out of the film’s atmosphere.

The story itself has promise, but too many potholes and inconsistencies exist within the framework of the film to be fully engaging. Although moments of successful humor present themselves throughout the movie, they are often oversaturated by heavier emotions that cause the film to take itself too seriously. If the film had leaned into its humor and chosen the horror-comedy route, its potential may have flourished further.

Overall, Don’t Run displays glimmers of strength, but does not live up to its intriguing premise.

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