New Horror Coming from the Slums of Shaolin

The Wu-Tang Clan is legendary. The collective rose from the gutters of New York’s grittiest and grimiest neighborhoods to become legends. Who among us has not heard the legends of the 36 Chambers? Who does not know the names RZA, GZA, and Ghostface Killah? The warriors of the Wu Tang Clan have transcended their humble beginnings to become legends of the large and small screen as well as the speaker. There are few places where these legendary men tread that success does not follow.

It is with this knowledge in mind that I slowly process the fact that RZA and Ghostface Killah are putting together a horror movie based on the true life experiences of the warriors of their clan. Or it’s going to focus on a young man growing up in Staten Island beset by corrupt cops, gangs, and a serial killer known as The Angel of Dust who has supernatural powers. Ya know, just whatever.

Yo, either way son, I am deadass excited about this movie. The guys from Wu Tang have a history of pretty much timeless rap music and RZA has already shown his directorial chops with The Man with the Iron Fists and he is set to direct and score the upcoming horror flick with Ghostface co-writing the story with Wu-Tang’s manager and also working on the original soundtrack. The script will be handled by Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith.

Lace up your Timbs, bust out your red bubble jackets and prepare yourself for some cinematic slaughtering from the W.


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