There’s been a buzz about Buddi in the horror community lately, as news of the Child’s Play series reboot was released earlier this month. As of yesterday , there’s even a creepy new website at This site acts as a pre-order sale for the Buddi dolls, which are not actually for sale, as it says on the fine print of the website.

Let’s do a breakdown of the site and see what we can figure out, shall we?

Going to brings you to a fullscreen advertisement where we are greeted by the redesign of Chucky, as he is presented by Kaslan Corporation, the fictional company who created the Buddi dolls. If you click on the ‘Buddi Announcement’ tab on the top of the site, a drop down image of an email from the president and founder of Kaslan Co., Henry Kaslan.

From this letter, as well as the advertisement of Buddi, we see that Kaslan Co. is primarily a technological company, highly boasting about all that Buddi will be capable of, such as voice recognition software, 20 sensors and cameras, image recognition, grip sensitivity, and comprehension and conversation in both English and Spanish.

The site also features free downloadable phone backgrounds of Buddi dolls, including some festive holiday images such as this one:


The heavy connotation to the technological aspect of this Buddi doll makes me wonder if this reboot of Child’s Play will follow the same demonic possession storyline of the original movies, or if it will be a movie with fear based on technology and artificial intelligence, not unlike Black Mirror and other similar television and media.

What do you guys think of the new site for Child’s Play (2019)? Why do you think they’ve changed the branding from Good Guy dolls to Buddi? And will this antagonist still be Chucky, or an all new demon doll for us to love?


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