Halloween 2018 (No Spoilers) – Ellie Lu


Three words that will forever be engraved in my mind after tonight, because in a dead silent movie theatre as Jamie Lee Curtis was hunting her arch rival once again, someone yelled them at the screen.
It was fucking hilarious.
Going into seeing Halloween, I had high hopes, but slightly lower expectations; I knew the film was going to be good, but my minds eye questioned whether it would be nostalgically good, in that it’s another Halloween movie and while some of them are bad, they’re still arguably good because they’re relatively entertaining, or if the film would be genuinely good, which it absolutely was. Not only did the story make sense and do justice to the original film, but it was shot beautifully, and the soundtrack added the perfect finish to the way the film is viewed.
We saw though the many trailers that Laurie Strode is even more of a badass than she used to be, as we saw in the trailers. We already know that the premise of this story is that it takes place 40 years after Halloween, and Laurie has been preparing for Michael’s return the entire time.
Jamie Lee Curtis’ emotion translates so well over the screen, and it’s clear to see why she considers Laurie Strode to be her favorite character that she’s played.Laurie’s PTSD isn’t crippling in a normal sense, but it is definitely isolating, as we clearly see in how she has pushed away her family.
Without giving too much away, Michael adds 16 new deaths to his incredibly long kill list, but these aren’t the only deaths the film features. The kill shots were absolutely to die for, my favorite of which I won’t reveal, but I’ll give you a hint: red, but with more than just blood. You’ll know it when you see it. Beyond the kill shots though, there’s beauty in the way the film is framed, as well as it’s shots that parallel 1978’s Halloween, alluding to some of the most iconic moments without feeling like it’s a cheap copy.
There were a couple of plot holes, but they’re so small that you hardly notice them, especially when caught up in the excitement of the film. Other than that, everything else proves that Halloween is a definite must see, just like all us horror whores had anticipated it would be. If you get the chance to see it in the theatre, I recommend that even more than just seeing the movie itself, because the energy of this film is intoxicating; sitting in a room full of people who equally root for the final girl and the serial killer just like you do really adds to the experience of seeing this film. And who knows, maybe you’ll have someone candidly yell something that erupts your entire theatre into laughter.



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