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               The Becky Carmichael Fan Club tells the story of minor celebrity singer Becky Carmichael and her introduction to the darkness that is the internet and cyberbullying. As things unfold you and Becky learn that things aren’t always what they seem.
                I reviewed a bunch of short films by Andrew J,D, Robinson a few weeks back and really enjoyed them. I liked this one too but it was decidedly darker. It deals with real life horror that literally any of us could experience at any time. This girl goes from a popular singer on the internet to being stalked by her “fan club”. She thinks it’s a little odd when she starts receiving a bunch of friend requests online but dismisses it. When she is attacked on the street by a random guy who tells her that she has been chatting with him for weeks and told him that she is into rape and murder fantasies she realizes that something strange is afoot. This discovery takes her down the rabbit hole of internet stalking, blackmail, and cyberbullying.
                It’s a dark and disturbing ride through a rough couple of days for Becky. She moves from one betrayal to the next each deeper and harder to take than the one before it.  And it all happens because people who aren’t happy with their lives want to live through her. In the end, Becky learns the draw of living through someone else and , I assume, the cycle continues.
                All in all, would I recommend this short? Yeah I would. It’s well shot, the acting is solid, and the story is not only good but also relevant in these strange internet times. I won’t just recommend this movie, I’ll give you a link to go watch it on YouTube. You’re welcome.


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