American Slasher  follows a group of teenagers who go to a backwoods summer camp to clean it up before it opens to campers for the summer. It doesn’t take them long to learn the legend of Billy Creed, the maniac killer that still stalks the grounds of Camp Greenbrier.
                This is a self aware low budget slasher flick. Is it “good” meh, not really. Did I enjoy it? You’re goddamned right I did. The characters are all pretty much your typical kids-in-the-woods flick crew with some interesting backwoods types thrown in for good measure. I feel like a lot of American Slasher was done as a tongue in cheek look at the slasher subgenre and to me, those are always a fun watch.
                Let’s talk about the real star of the show, Billy Creed. He was a groundskeeper and Vietnam vet who came home to a dead family and eventually snapped. Every good killer has a weapon that they’re able to make their own. Michael Myers has his iconic butcher knife, Leatherface is the master of the chainsaw, and Freddy has hand knives; there’s no denying that these weapons are all linked to these legends. Billy though, Billy is out there in these woods fuckin’ folks off with a hand rake! That’s right, the little rake that your mom yelled at you for using as Wolverine claws at least once or twice! I have to admit, I’ll never look at tine garden implements the same again.
                I want to believe that the hilarity in this movie was intentional. It plays like a goofy satire of the genre and it’s honestly too well done to make me believe that it’s unintentional. The pacing is good, I liked the cinematography,  and the story is interesting. The kills are alright. I mean hand rakes, man. Other than that though, it’s pretty bad.  It’s not bad like Clown or IT though, it’s bad like Zombeavers and Axe Giant. American Slasher is the kind of bad that is really fun to watch.
                All in all, would I recommend this movie? Depends. If you can get on the so-bad-it’s-enjoyable train then by all means! Go check this one out. If not, you might as well give this one a miss. You can catch it for free on Prime right now.


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