(taken from @RobZombieOfficial on Instagram – comment section redacted)

                Through the ages many people have read signs to try to grasp some idea of what the future would hold. Some read tea leaves, others palms, others would read the cards. Me? I look at stuff on the internet and make wild speculations. I’m no Nostradamus but I’m not always wrong. Spare me the one about the broken clock being right twice a day; a married man is never right twice in one day. I did, however, predict Trump, “The Connors”, a couple breakups, and an arrest or two so I’m not doing too bad. This rambling paragraph of bullshit brings me to the above picture.
                For those not in the know, the picture contains stills from one of the final scenes of Rob Zombie’s 31. If it were just that with about any other caption I would have just scrolled past it like “yeah, that was a cool movie, there was a Hispanic midget Nazi,” then I’d chuckle about little Hitler and I would go about my day. But, “I wonder what happens next” is pretty perplexing. He’s seen the movie. Hell, he made the movie. So, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that he totally knows what happens next. But what if we don’t.
                What if, ladies and gentlemen of the audience, there is a secret reptilian code hidden in the film that allows us to see what our overlords have planned? What if the answers to all future endeavors are hidden somewhere in the code of this post? What if the truth about the very real threat of an alien invasion, thus explaining the creation of the United States Space Force, is hidden somehow in this film and Mr. Zombie is hoping that someone else out there will see it. What happens next indeed, Rob. I guess saying that he might be covertly teasing a 31 sequel doesn’t sound so damned crazy now, huh? I don’t see why not. I mean, with 3 From Hell in the bag already, why wouldn’t he decide to start kicking around the idea of making a sequel to another of his films?
                I don’t know man. We shall see. If any of the above things happens, just remember where you heard the prediction from first. I, personally, am leaning toward the reptilian thing but that’s just me. I guess all we can do is wait and see.  

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