Earlier today 20th Century Fox posted a trailer for The Predator, a reinvention of the classic series that will be helmed by Shane Black, who not only appeared in the first movie but was apparently an uncredited writer. Anyway, a young boy triggers the return of some of the ugliest most lethal beings to ever travel space and it’s gonna take a ragtag crew of ex soldiers and a pissed off science teacher to save the day.
                The trailer looks bad ass! The predators have mutated themselves, taking bits of DNA from other species across the universe and using it become better killers. If the trailer is any indication we will get to see plenty of sweet sweet space hunter action, and we may even get to see a couple of predators fucking each other up. To make that even better, the effects in the trailer looked really solid and I’m pretty excited about the casting. Okay, I’m just loving the idea of seeing Keegan-Michael Key face off against an intergalactic killing machine but I’m sure the rest of the casting is solid as well. 
                Of course there will be a bunch of neck beards who are impossible to please crying in their fedoras about how this movie doesn’t do the original justice and how the reboot is going to ruin their childhood or some shit. Try to ignore that and give this trailer a watch. There’s no reason to not be excited about this film.

Go check out the trailer here.

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