This is the tagline for The Night Sitter, a new horror-comedy release from Roller Disco Massacre. The film follows a young con artist and thief named Amber (Elyse Dufour; The Walking Dead, SiRen) who takes a job for an eccentric occult expert who needs a babysitter for his son Kevin. In a remarkable coincidence, Amber’s crew arrives to rob the house at the same time that Kevin (Jack Champion) stumbles across the Book of Three Mothers, an ancient tome that releases three murderous witches who begin picking off the thieves in a series of brutal assaults.
The trailer is amazing. The atmosphere of over the top, sensationalized horror is made complete with the camera angles and lighting. There’s a very 80’s feel from the second the trailer begins with static close-ups and the intense and color. In a lot of ways the cinematography is very reminiscent of Dead Alive, a fantastic B horror classic from New Zealand that offered gallons of blood, laughs, and terror. Something that The Night Sitter is promising in spades with this preview and the accompanying statements about it on Roller Disco Massacre’s website and IMBD.
It’s hard to gauge a movie by a single trailer. I’ve seen plenty of films that look phenomenal in previews that suck out loud when I sit down to watch them. I don’t think that’s going to be the case with The Night Sitter, though. In just two minutes you’re able to get a feeling about this movie. Atmospheric. Creepy. Surreal. A handful of words that don’t do this trailer justice. The Night Sitter is heading out to distributors and a release date will be following so be sure to keep an eye out for this incredible horror-comedy.


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