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Hey guys, here’s the thing: there is a lot of really cool shit going on in the world of horror. Sometimes even the coolest of things just can’t fill out a whole article without bloating it with a bunch of irrelevant bullshit. So, I’m thinking every week or two I’ll do one of these where I just talk about stuff that has me excited at the moment. Maybe I’ll talk about movies that are gonna be awesome, maybe I’ll shit all over something that other people are stoked about who knows man you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Also, none of them will be as boring as this introduction. Hopefully.

Hey so, did you hear about the fact that Tennessee Horror News now has promo models? That’s pretty fucking dope, right?  We scoured the corners of the interwebs for the hottest horror hounds, the most delectable dead girls, the most gorgeous ghouls, the… you get the point. They aren’t just eye candy tho, they’re super cool gals who are, as the cool kids say, about that life.  We’ve got bios and pics up on the site with links to their socials and all that shit. Go check it out, show ‘em some love. Through the magic of the Internet, I bet there will even be pics of them with this article. So, you’re welcome.

Yo! Did you hear about the production company Sodom and Chimera helmed by director James Quinn? Well, I reviewed a couple of their shorts not long ago and have been a fan since. Currently, their second feature length film The Beauty of That Which is Fucking Ugly is taking shape, their first feature Flesh of the Void is on IMDB’s top 5 Austrian Horror Films, the release of their short film/music video for the Austrian black/death metal band Theotoxin draws nigh, the trailer for the upcoming short Sulphur for Leviathan just debuted, and the short The Law of Sodom is still the benchmark by which I gauge how disturbing something is. All of this is exciting not just because I’m a fan of Quinn’s work and death metal but because this dude is making dark, Satanic, experimental horror and is making top 5 lists and shit. The success of Sodom and Chimera is a win for independent horror and independent film in general.

HorrorPack gave Twisted Twins Productions’ Dead Hooker in a Trunk a limited edition Blu-ray release with new cover art and commentary from Jen and Sylvia Soska and lots of other added goodies so you should definitely check that out. Oh hey, did you hear about how fucking awesome the Soska Sisters are? They are the demented duo behind See No Evil 2, American Mary, T is for Torture Porn (from ABCs of Death 2), the best competition show on TV- Hellevator, and the most inspirational Instagram feed in existence as well as the endlessly fun Dead Hooker in a Trunk. If you haven’t heard of them, someone should yell “SHAME!” at you while ringing a bell until you go and check out their body of work. As with Sodom and Chimera, a win for the Twisted Twins is a win for independent artists who do things their way and, “follow their stupid fucking dreams”.

Well guys, that’s about all I’ve got for you this week. What has you excited? Is there some major indie horror badassery that I’m overlooking? (the answer is obviously yes) Hit up the official Tennessee Horror News Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter or hit me up on Instagram and let us know! Until next time, stay spooky, and try not to be a cunt.


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