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​If you are both a fan of horror movies and an Amazon Prime member, you may have been disappointed in the past by the varying quality of Amazon Prime’s horror movie selection. According to Business Wire, however, horror fans now have the opportunity to watch hundreds of horror movies on Amazon Prime due to the service’s partnership with Screambox, the leading subscription service for horror movies.
Screambox will be available for $4.99 a month (although you can preview the service with a one-week free trial) through Amazon Channels, which allows viewers access to more than 100 channels that can be watched without cable.
As stated by Business Wire, the new service will focus primarily on newer horror films (such as All Hallows’ Eve and The Wicked) as well as cult classics (such as Cannibal Holocaust and House), and will also include the Masters of Horror television series, which features appearances from such classic horror film directors as John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper.
While horror movie fans have been neglected by streaming services in the past, the inclusion of Screambox by Amazon Prime represents a broader future for horror movies in online movie streaming.
If you are an Amazon Prime member, the link to the free trial is as follows:
For those who would prefer to check out Screambox’s independent service, their website is



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