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Another spectacular helping of nostalgia is coming October 11, 2019. Just a few weeks after the second installment of the IT reboot. Which means two things: Gary Dauberman will have at least co-written two highly anticipated horror films for the Halloween season of 2019 and, more importantly, there will be a palate cleanser after dealing with months upon months of looking at the horrible abomination that is the new Pennywise.

It doesn’t matter what you thought about the recent IT adaptation, you have to admit that the writing was fairly solid. This gives me hope that this will not be another failed attempt at a nostalgic reboot. I will be even more excited about it when a director is finally announced but that is still up in the air.

Either way, I’m sure there are legions of “90s kids” like myself who are excited to see the return of the Midnight Society. We’ll be keeping a close eye on developments for this movie and as soon as we know, you’ll know. 


I submit, for the approval of the Midnight Society…some really interesting news.

In the past few years the entertainment industry has been cashing in on the nostalgia of 90’s kids to mixed success. I guess “mixed success” is really being nice about it; more to the point there have been some pretty cool flicks and some real dog shit. Lookin at you TMNT and Ghostbusters reboot.

One of the coolest nostalgia fueled films was Goosebumps. I mean, I mourned the death of Jack Black’s career a long time ago just like everyone else but this movie was hard not to be excited about. I read a ton of the books and watched every episode of the show. So when I learned that the other horror-for-kids show, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” Is getting the big screen treatment I got pretty stoked.

The news just got better when I learned that Gary Dauberman will be writing the film. Dauberman penned both the IT reboot and Annabelle: Creation. Even if you found fault in those movies you can’t deny that the writing was on point. To put a cherry on top of the whole scary sundae, Dauberman has said that he will stay true to the dark spirit of the original show. Honestly, my hopes are high for this one.

We’ll keep an eye on this story and keep you updated.

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