THE DARE starring Richard Brake. Just Became Available on Amazon!

  The Award-Winning Slasher THE DARE Just Became Available on Amazon! As of today, THE DARE is available for rent/download in the United States and Canada on Amazon. Hailed by Horror Buzz as “…a classic like SAW” and called “…the best horror experience I’ve… Continue Reading

3 from Hell Spoiler-Free Review

3 from Hell picks up shortly after the events of The Devil’s Rejects. Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding miraculously survived their showdown and are ready to raise hell once again. First, they have to find out how to get out… Continue Reading

Tattoo Horror Perfect Skin Bleeds Ink this September 10th on DVD through Indican Pictures

West Hollywood, CA (Monday, August 12th, 2019) – Perfect Skin is a horror thriller from director Kevin Chicken and writer Dusan Tolmac. Recently released on Digital formats, this title involves a psychopathic tattoo artist, who targets a beautiful, young Polish woman for his… Continue Reading