Small Town Monsters Rocks the Rougarou!

Skinwalker: The Howl of the Rougarou The term skinwalker has become a household name due to the popularity of History Channels’ The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. The Mormons aren’t the only ones battling off creepy dogmen though. Skinwalker: The Howl… Continue Reading

British Horror Classics THE DARK EYES OF LONDON & THE MONSTER – Blu-ray World Premiere & DVD 11 October (Network)

Network presents The Dark Eyes of London and The Monster on UK Blu-ray and DVD 11 October   TWO BRITISH HORROR CLASSICS RESURRECTED IN HIGH DEFINITION     News and social media mentions appreciated with #TheDarkEyesOfLondon #TheMonster @NetworkTweets     For Halloween 2021, Network… Continue Reading

Fame Gets Hairy in ‘Bloodthirsty’

'Bloodthirsty' Poster

A lust for fame and the placement of ambition above all else has consequences. Early in this cycle, the effects arrive as distancing from family and close friends. At its peak, one suddenly finds themselves addicted to substances or other… Continue Reading

‘Horror Express’ Nails the Hammer

Spanish-language 'Horror Express' Poster

To conjure up a Hammer-style horror flick without involving Hammer, there are some key ingredients you should include. Among them are an ancient evil, magic, science, pseudo-science, and a murderer on the loose. It also doesn’t hurt to have the… Continue Reading