“Twisted Childhood: Mickey Mouse & Winnie-The-Pooh’s Horrifying Encounter in the Woods”


In the eerie backdrop of the 1920s, two convicts flee into a forest shrouded in a sinister curse, meeting a gruesome fate within its murky depths. Fast forward a century later, a group of adventurous friends stumble into the same woods, unaware of its dark history. Their tranquil Airbnb retreat turns into a nightmare when the escaped convicts transform into grotesque versions of beloved childhood icons: Mickey Mouse and Winnie-The-Pooh, emerging to terrorize them.

As the night descends into chaos, the friends find themselves locked in a desperate struggle for survival against their now monstrous childhood heroes. Amidst a flurry of violence and gore, Mickey and Winnie clash in a horrifying spectacle, painting the forest with a chilling tableau of blood—a haunting testament to the curse’s relentless grip.

Produced by Packard’s Untouchables Entertainment and Rachel Carter, alongside Anthony Pernicka of iHorror, the film promises a fresh and spine-tingling take on horror. Pernicka expressed excitement about presenting audiences with a Mickey Mouse incarnation unlike any seen before. Through live-action horror renditions, the film delves deep into the juxtaposition of innocence and malevolence, forever altering perceptions of these beloved characters.

With production underway in Michigan, Packard’s vision is set to captivate audiences, delivering a blend of nostalgia and terror that will leave viewers questioning their cherished childhood memories. Packard is represented by MTA in this thrilling venture.

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