Major Harlan Dean Hosts ‘The Truth Serum’: A Deep Dive into Cryptozoology and Mystery


Major Harlan Dean Hosts ‘The Truth Serum’: A Deep Dive into Cryptozoology and Mystery

Joe Bob Briggs (‘Shudder’s The Last Drive-In’ and ‘TNT’s MonsterVision’) Stars as Harlan Dean

Major Harlan Dean, played by Joe Bob Briggs of ‘Shudder’s The Last Drive-In’ and ‘TNT’s MonsterVision’, is the charismatic host of the wildly popular radio show “The Truth Serum.” This show serves as a fascinating platform where Harlan delves into the world of the bizarre, the unknown, and the eerie.

Tonight’s Episode: The Mysteries of Cryptozoology

In tonight’s special broadcast, Harlan explores the intriguing field of Cryptozoology, perfectly timed with the annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. As the show progresses, each caller’s story brings with it a darker and more sinister undertone, suggesting that this might be Harlan’s most perilous broadcast yet.

A Nostalgic Anthology Series

This anthology series is a must-watch, packed with practical creature feature effects and captivating stories that harken back to the beloved 90s TV shows ‘Monsters’, ‘Tales from the Crypt’, and ‘Tales from the Darkside’. Each segment offers a unique take on horror, crafted by talented directors and writers.

Notable Contributors

The series features segments from:

  • Zane Hershberger and Robert Kuhn, creators of Force to Fear
  • John William Holt, director of The Dooms Chapel Horror
  • Brett DeJager, known for BoneJangles
  • Billy Pon, the mind behind Circus of the Dead
  • Max Groah, director of Bong of the Living Dead
  • Justin M. Seaman, creator of The Barn Part 1 & II

Produced by Top Genre Filmmakers

This project is brought to life by Silver Springs Films, Nevermore Production Films, Lustenberger Films, and producer P.J. Starks, known for 13 Slays till X-mas and New Fears Eve.

With a combination of expert storytelling and nostalgic horror elements, “The Truth Serum” promises to be a thrilling journey into the unknown. Don’t miss what might be Harlan Dean’s final and most gripping broadcast.

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