BayView Entertainment release TOP TEN MIND BLOWING UFO CRASH CASES Documentary on Digital Platforms


BayView Entertainment has released the documentary Top Ten Mind-Blowing UFO
Crash Cases which is out now on Digital Platforms worldwide including to rent/buy on
Amazon Prime Video in the UK and USA.
Top Ten Mind-Blowing UFO Crash Cases will arrive on AVOD Digital Platforms worldwide
on 30th April 2024.
Alien and UFO docs continue to top the watch lists of all platforms!
Ten amazing cases of documented UFO crashes across the world is a deep dive into the
secrecy and strategic actions by the military and governments to cloak the truth from the
public. These mind-blowing accounts include the most famous case of all, the Roswell crash
and the extraordinary confessions of a first-hand witness, Philip Corso, to Jackie Gleason’s
account with captured aliens, the flurry of UFO crashes in Mexico, New Mexico’s suppressed
crash event that rivaled the Roswell case and more, exposing actions taken to retrieve alien
crafts and the development of new technologies devised from these otherworldly crafts.
Top Ten Mind Blowing UFO Crash Cases was Written by O H Krill and directed by Charles
Thompsen and stars Arthur Givens and Paul Hughes.


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