D.S. Thorndike

Brynn, a young woman haunted by the shadows of her past…

In the quiet outskirts of a small, forgotten town, Brynn, a young woman haunted by the shadows of her past, had chosen seclusion as her only solace. Her life had become a fragile balance, a sanctuary she had painstakingly built to shield herself from the demons that tormented her soul. But fate had a sinister twist in store for her, as one fateful night, she found herself thrust into a chilling nightmare.

It began with an intruder’s unwelcome presence, an intruder who had ventured into Brynn’s secluded haven, trespassing the fragile boundaries she had erected around her life. Panic surged through her veins, and in the chaos of the moment, a tragic accident occurred, leaving a life extinguished at her trembling hands. Little did she know that this single, unfortunate event would be but the beginning of her descent into a harrowing ordeal.

As the night wore on, more unwelcome guests arrived, drawn by the ominous echoes of the initial intrusion. Alone and gripped by terror, Brynn was forced to confront her deepest fears, her past trauma, and the chilling reality that only she could save herself from the encroaching darkness. In this nightmarish battle for survival, Brynn would have to summon all her inner strength, drawing upon the very surroundings that had sheltered her and the demons of her past that had forged her. In the end, she would come to understand that in the darkest of moments, the only salvation one can truly rely on is the strength that lies within.


Small Screen, Big Screams

Spooky season is here, and with titles such as Saw X, and Exorcist buzzing around you may have missed No One Will Save You. Unless you have Hulu. Released on September 22nd, by the great 20th Century Fo… Studios, excuse me. This film was an overnight success on the streaming platform, hitting the number-one spot for most streamed movies that weekend. Being a streamer myself, I could not stay away. I indulged in a 93-minute journey that blew my mind.

With the studio’s release of Prey, the word excited was an understatement. Brian Duffieldgoes above and beyond to deliver his viewers an imaginative story with genuine horror that will leave you speechless.  No One Will Save You gives us a home invasion with an extraterrestrial twist. It really makes you think twice about spending a quiet weekend outside of town in that beautiful Air BnB. Pure unsettling entertainment. I loved every minute of it.

Kicking and Screaming

Kaitlyn Dever acts the hell out of this role. She is DAMN good. Given that the entire movie has a line or two of dialogue. Dever takes Brynn to another level. A level that I did not expect, even out of Eve Baxter (Last Man Standing). The horrific situation was mapped on her face, with the gasps and eyes wide open. She made a character shine in the darkest of moments. Dever had one of the best performances of the year, I think Kaitlyn has found her genre. I would love to see more horror and sci-fi films with her as the lead.  That’s right. The lead. I was at the edge of my seat with her at the wheel. For that Kaitlyn, I applaud you.

Searching high and low for their victims, these were no normal home invaders. They did not want your jewelry or money. No high-tech gadgets or your awesome steel book collection. They wanted you. Your body. Taking many ideas from others that deal with the extraterrestrial, No One Will Save You could be described as a love letter to many who came before Brian.

              The aliens that No One Will Save You depict are various. They did their research on different alien “species” if you will. That sentence made me laugh. I’m not going to lie. You see the traditional grey alien, a ‘Hopkinsville Goblin variant, and many more. The aliens acted in a hive-like manner, descending from somewhat traditional saucers. A nice touch in my book. You come to find out these aliens are just vessels for another organism. An alien that looks like a blood clot. Disgusting, I know. Though small, they are unsettling and not pleasant. Once inside you, they take control.

An Ending Fit for King…

                 I will not go into much detail about the ending of No One Will Save You, it is worth watching for yourself. Just know the ending is fit and familiar for a Stephen King novel.  This film gives life to infinite possibilities of stories. Whether it is words on a page or actors on a screen.  The extraterrestrial route is one softly walked on.

                With all the UFOs and UAPs in the news, I am sure we will be getting more of this sometime soon. In the meantime, you can catch me watching No One Will Save You. If you would like to hear more about this film, check out the latest from Y2k Movies Podcast!


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