Tennessee, the “Volunteer State,” is well-known for its stunning landscapes, fascinating history, and unique culture. However, many people may not know that Tennessee is also home to a diverse range of cryptids – mysterious creatures whose existence is yet to be confirmed by science. From giant serpents to wild men, Tennessee’s cryptids have captured the imagination of many enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

One of the most famous cryptids in Tennessee is the legendary “White Screamer,” a creature said to inhabit the forests and mountains of East Tennessee. Described as a large, white, ape-like creature with piercing red eyes, the White Screamer has been spotted by numerous witnesses over the years. Some believe that it is a descendant of a prehistoric ape, while others suggest that it could be a new species altogether.

The Tennessee Forest Troll is a migrant creature from across the pond that settled in the south decades ago by accident. Since its discovery the Tennessee Forest Troll has been spotted in the woods north of Springhill, Nashville, Lebanon, Franklin, but most frequently in Murfreesboro.

It is a relatively short creature, covered in leaf-like growths all over its body, and a strange lamprey-like appendage in its chest.

Most famously known is Scufflemoss Treemen, a domesticated Tennessee Forest Troll residing in Murfreesboro. He is an artist, musician, & supporter of local businesses.


In addition to these more well-known cryptids, there are also a number of lesser-known creatures said to inhabit Tennessee’s wild places. One of these is the “Nashville Blue Gator,” a large alligator-like creature that is said to live in the Cumberland River. Although no concrete evidence of the Blue Gator’s existence has ever been found, many locals claim to have seen the creature swimming in the river.

Another mysterious creature that has been spotted in Tennessee is the “Tennessee Wildman.” Described as a large, ape-like creature with reddish-brown fur, the Wildman has been seen in the forests of Middle and West Tennessee. Some suggest that it could be a large, undiscovered primate, while others believe that it is a misidentified black bear or large raccoon.

Perhaps one of the most unusual cryptids in Tennessee is the “Altamaha-ha.” This creature, also known as the “Tennessee River Monster,” is said to be a giant, serpentine creature that lives in the Tennessee River. Described as being up to 50 feet long, with a long, snake-like body and a series of humps on its back, the Altamaha-ha has been spotted by fishermen and boaters in the area for years. While some believe that it could be a surviving member of an ancient sea serpent species, others suggest that it is simply a large, unknown species of freshwater eel.

While the existence of these cryptids is yet to be confirmed by science, the stories and sightings of these mysterious creatures continue to captivate the imaginations of many. Whether they are simply the products of folklore and urban legends or actual, living beings remain to be seen. However, one thing is certain – the cryptids of Tennessee add an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to this already fascinating state.

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  1. Hi! Good article for some critters ive not heard of. Just wanted to point out the Beast of Bladenboro incident happened in NC. Is there another creature that did something similar in TN or does the story go the creature migrated from NC to TN?

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