When you think of Shark movies most people think of Jaws! There are tons of shark movies out there but none have yet to deliver as Jaws did. You have to be very brave to take on a shark movie knowing what you’re up against and how beloved Jaws is. When I saw the trailer for Great White I got very excited and when I heard the director Martin Wilson on Adam Green & Joe Lynch’s podcast The Movie Crypt I got so excited!



When a sea plane is destroyed in a freak accident, five people find themselves drifting on a raft. At the mercy of the tide and with no hope of rescue, the helpless situation takes a horrifying turn when they are terrorized by a ravenous great white.


Katrina Bowden

Great White (2021) Review - Voices From The Balcony


I couldn’t wait to watch this movie! I’m not breaking this movie down and spoil it, but from hearing the director talk about this film, he said they used Stock Footage, Practical & CGI. When I hear they used CGI I cringe! 47 Meters Down Uncaged left a bad taste in my mouth for CGI Sharks and damn it Great White did the same thing but it was worse. I know the director had to watch the movie after post-production. Did he not see how bad it was? It is kind of a slow burn.

The acting was good and for the most part, I enjoyed Great White just the damn CGI took me out of it and kind of pissed me off. I’m thinking the film had a pretty limited budget and that’s probably why the CGI suffered. I’m very big on practical effects if you’re able to do it and understand if you don’t have the money to do so, but there has to be a better way than just settle. Great White is available everywhere on all streaming platforms.¬†



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