Get Probed with On the Trail of UFO’s:Dark Sky!


In 2019 a Docu-series was released that forever changed how I view UFO’s, cryptids and anything paranormal. That series is called Hellier. It’s mega creepy and occasionally I find myself re-watching it for anything I could have missed. It was the first show I had seen that explored what I had always wondered; what if they’re all related? What if aliens, Bigfoot, Mothman, ghosts, and Mongolian death worms are all really the same thing? Interdimensional beings that somehow hiccup their way into our plane, just long enough for us to get a glimpse then POOF; gone again. I’ve also always been curious about why certain geographic areas have more frequent sightings. Is it too much moonshine that makes Kentuckians see goblins? Does the desert make people so whack-a-doodle that they see flying saucers? Much like Hellier, On the Trail of UFO’S: Dark Sky starts by asking all the right questions. Not if UFO’s are real, but instead why are they more frequently visiting certain areas.

We have never been closer to full transparency and disclosure than we are right now. Just last month the US government in their own shady way said, “Sure, there’s UFO’s.” Growing up I never thought I’d live to see the day even that much was admitted. Some of the most compelling video made public now comes from the US Navy. There’s something zipping around the skies and now were all starting to get on the same page. Dark Sky doesn’t waste our time trying to convince us if UFO’s exist or not, instead Director Seth Breedlove and the very fascinating Shannon Legro dig deep to find out why they are here, specifically in the Appalachian region. Dark sky is full of eye witness testimony and CGI reenactments. While I may have rolled my eyes at the first reenactment I later found myself enthralled by these stories and impressed at the questions being asked. The entire film is gorgeous to look at thanks to the Appalachian back drop and cinematography skills of Andrew Peterson. The aerial drone shot are particularly breathtaking.

It wouldn’t be a UFO documentary in West Virginia without mentioning the big names of course. Mothman, Indrid Cold and Woodrow Derenberger are all discussed in detail and I found myself happy and impressed with how the film makers packed so much history into their time frame. The history is not glossed over; but instead honored and used to possibly help explain what’s happening today. I really hate to compare this film to Hellier since they are much different things but what Hellier took two seasons to explain, Dark Sky knocks out in about an hour and a half.

I myself will be heading to Point Pleasant in September with plans to visit the ol Mothman stomping grounds. Equipped with my copy of Visitors from Lanulos and now Dark Sky; I have every intention of getting zipped away by our alien friends. If for some reason that doesn’t happen then I will patiently await the next film from the Small Town Monsters crew. On the Trail of UFO’s: Dark Sky is available on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and FandangoNOW starting August 3rd.

4 SLUFS out of 5

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