The Lurker (2020) Review


The Lurker is an unapologetic, 90s inspired slasher film. It relies heavily on familiar genre tropes. Director Eric Liberacki gives us a dark view into the world of high school drama where being stabbed in the back is taken quite literally.

At the center of it all is Taylor, played by Scout Taylor Compton, the star of her school’s play. It’s the final night of the show, and one by one, a masked killer begins taking out her costars one by one. Don’t let this simple premise fool you. There’s a hell of a twist at the end.

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Compton does an admirable job, her capabilities as an actress seriously making me think she might be a bit over qualified for the role. Her perfomance is stellar  it makes it slightly hard to buy into the idea that she’s a teenager.

The atmosphere of The Lurker is moody and reminiscent of 80s horror. The lighting does wonders for the film. The practical effects look great on screen.

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Serving up old fashioned scares, The Lurker is a twisted love letter to horror films of the past.  If you’re looking for a good time, I highly recommend you check it out.

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