The Lurker: 90s-Inspired Slasher Coming Soon!


The Lurker Steps out of the Shadows this April

The Lurker, a film inspired by the slasher flicks of the late eighties and early nineties is coming this April. The film follows a group of highschoolers who are preparing for a play. As they get ready for opening night, a killer stalks in the shadows ready to take them out one by one.


Scout Taylor-Compton, the best thing about Rob Zombie’s Halloween remakes and just about everything else she’s in will star as Taylor. From the trailer it seems like she is troubled, pregnant, and the defacto leader of the group of theatre kids. This genre vet never disappoints and is sure to be a high point of The Lurker.

But Wait! There’s More!

If you watched the trailer (You should. It’s right there, after all) you will see one hell of a killer. The Lurker looks like they have a vast arsenal at their disposal. I wasn’t keeping too close of  a count but I saw a couple knife kills, a chainsaw kill, a gunshot, and a cinderblock kill. Between that versatility and the look of the killer, I am already on board. Just look at the guy!

Vital Details

The Lurker will hit DVD and VOD outlets on April 14th via Indican Films. The film will also have a limited theatrical run. Keep an eye out for a showing near you as well as pre-orders later this month through Indican.

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