Photos: The I Like Scary Movies Experience is Now Open


Truly one of the most spectacular interactive art exhibits I have ever seen.” – Eli Roth (Cabin Fever)

Ultra Productions and Warner Bros. Consumer Products

Celebrate the Grand Opening of the


An Interactive Art Installation Featuring Iconic Scary Movies

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Los Angeles, CA – April 3, 2019 – In celebration of the April 4th opening of the I Like Scary Movies Experience, fans and industry icons came out to immerse themselves in the reimagined worlds of The ShiningBeetlejuiceA Nightmare on Elm Street, the first chapter of IT, and The Lost Boys. Experiential artist Maximillian, of Ultra Productions, was joined by Bryan Fuller (“American Gods,” “Hannibal”), Kevin Williamson (“The Vampire Diaries,” Scream), Glenn Hetrick (Star Trek: Discovery,” “Face Off”), Bobcat Goldthwait (“Misfits & Monsters,” Shakes the Clown), Sandy King Carpenter (In the Mouth of MadnessThey Live), Katie Featherston (Paranormal Activity), DJ Skee, artist Alex Pardee, Powerman 5000’s Spider One, and many more!


I Like Scary Movies is the experience that all scary movie fans have been dreaming of – a groundbreaking interactive art installation celebrating some of their favorite films. This first-of-its-kind exhibit spans 25,000 square feet (nearly half a football field!) and features amazing large-scale photo opportunities and multi-sensory experiences. The exhibit is vast, and visitors can expect to spend an average of 90 minutes on their quest to capture their own iconic moments as they explore the rich worlds that have come to life.

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Come play with us as we take you back to The Shining, where you can “sink” into the infamous carpet from the Overlook hotel and explore “redrum” hedges. Swallow your fear as you pass through the jaws of IT’s Pennywise and explore the clown’s sewer lair. Have a seat in the throne of Freddy Krueger and step into his boiler room to become snatched by his giant glove from A Nightmare on Elm St. Then have a turn as recently deceased guests in the Netherworld waiting room before visiting Beetlejuice’s graveyard. Test your strength as you hang from the Santa Clara train tracks before becoming part of a “noodle” dinner from The Lost Boys. These are just a few things that fans will interact with on their way to the Gift Shop at the end of the journey, where guests can find exclusive merchandise to take a part of their experience home with them!

The I Like Scary Movies experience is brought to life by Maximillian, the experiential artist behind 20 years of Comic-Con and Hollywood studio installations – from the Snakes on a Plane fuselage to the Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl shipwreck – Maximillian has recently orchestrated a wide range of national activations on behalf of his clientele, including the La La Land Aerial Dancers at City Hall, the drone lightshow at Dodger Stadium for Wonder Woman, and the Hollywood Bowl’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Live-To-Film performance.’

“I want fans to be able to take a deep imaginative dive into some of their favorite movies in a way that is fun and gives them time to really explore and enjoy the thrill of it all. The Warner Bros. Consumer Products team has been incredibly supportive of our vision and we can’t wait for fans to experience it.”

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I Like Scary Movies opens in Los Angeles on April 4th and will run through June 16th, 2019. Tickets and information are available at

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