The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot


Calvin Barr is a gruff older man who doesn’t say much and keeps to himself. His family and neighbors would never guess that he assassinated Hitler in an operation that was covered up by both the Axis and Allied powers. He wants nothing more than to live out his days with his dog but when representatives of the American and Canadian governments come knocking on his door to ask him to hunt down a bigfoot to save mankind, he has to choose between his sense of duty and his retirement.

If there is one man on the face of the planet that I would believe killed both Hitler and a plague-ridden Bigfoot, it’s Sam Elliot. I am a huge fan of Sam Elliot, I feel like every role he plays is just kind of himself reacting to the bullshit around him; I usually hate when actors do that but he’s just so damned cool. Casting Aidan Turner as the young Calvin Barr was genius; if you put him next to a photo of a young Sam Elliot they look like they could be brothers. This goes to show that not only is the casting for this movie on point but also that Mr. Elliot was young once. I just assumed that he and Morgan Freeman stepped onto this plane of existence as older men. I guess you learn something every day, right?

I’m honestly not sure what I was expecting going into this movie but I do know that it wasn’t what I got. That’s totally fine, though, because what I got was a character driven drama/thriller. Calvin is an interesting character and the story they weave around him is somehow even cooler. The Man Who Killed Hitler and then the Bigfoot is one of those movies that is a slow burner but it earns every moment of its hour and a half runtime. Of all the movies from the past year or so that have been overly long for no discernible reason, I think this one could have been a little longer. It wraps up most of the plot lines cleanly but did leave me with a couple questions. These questions led to a second watcc, some theories, and no answers but I’m okay with that.

One of the big questions for me has to do with the Bigfoot. This isn’t your classic big ass lumbering ape creature. It’s smaller, faster, stronger, and smarter than the average Sasquatch that’s for damned sure. The whole reason that Calvin has to hunt it down is that it is carrying some kind of virus that threatens to wipe out most of the population. To me, it sounds more like a government experiment gone rogue than a bigfoot. Maybe it’s part of a gypsy curse. Either way, that’s not your average bigfoot.

All in all, would I recommend this movie? You’re goddamned right I would, partner. It’s a beautifully shot film that tells an incredible story. Also, there’s Sam Elliot and a bad ass bigfoot creature thing. There’s no reason to not watch this one!

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