Final Destination getting a reboot!!

Eight years ago we saw the last of the Final Destination movies . Now New Line  Cinema is in the works to make The Final Destination Reboot Movie with the help of  writers Patrick Melton  and Marcus Dunsten .  I for one am excited to see these guys put there spin on the Final Destination Reboot.  Melton And Dunston were recruited to help write the script for The Finale Destination Reboot and these horror vets  are best known for writing  four of the Saw movies. They were winners on season three of Project Greenlight and also wrote The Collector, The Collection and Piranha 3DD. They helped write the upcoming Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark for CBS .

There is no plot Information yet for the new Reboot Movie . I am excited to see the trailer for the Reboot.  But as we all know if your a fan of the Final Destination Movies ” You Cant Escape Death ” .

Robert Urquijo


  1. So true I’m also looking forward to see how the great minds of Saw create what is bound to be an amazing Final Destination

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